“A champion effort, great mix of inspiration and persistence. Magnificently actualized by the look of the images”

Brian Sweeney, NZ Edge

“Delightful and intriguing”

Chris Laidlaw, Radio NZ presenter, Writer and Ex-All Black

“Black is explored widely through genealogy, ethnicity, religion, history, sexual mores and a hijacked “Black Power”…A highly interesting and debatable treatise”

Otago Daily Tiimes

The colour black is powerful

Football fans "black out" the stadium to support their team

Football fans “black out” the stadium to support their team

We wear black – on occasions we feel like we should wear it. We use it to describe things, sometimes we even feel black.

Black’s power is its symbolic currency. It has value when we use it to exchange meanings in our communication. For Aotearoa New Zealand, this symbolic currency has been appropriated for the national identity. So the colour black has more power for us, here. In fact, Aotearoa New Zealand is a great case-study for black’s strange powers for identity, for symbolic interaction, and cultural politics.

Black’s powers are at the heart of this small nation’s strange influence upon the world.

I AM, by New Zealand's influential artist Colin McCahon.

I AM, by New Zealand’s influential artist Colin McCahon.

This is the book that explores the colour black, its cultural significance for Aotearoa New Zealand’s national identity, and the politics of this significance around our planet. Explore this genealogy – te whakapapa – of black’s power, and Aotearoa New Zealand’s place in a global political economy.

prudence stonePrudence Stone is a mother, sociologist, feminist and activist. She has a PhD in Philosophy which was awarded to her from the New School University, New York. She received a Post-doctoral Fellowship from the Stout Centre for New Zealand Studies, Victoria University of Wellington, to conduct the research for this book.


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  1. Really enjoying your book Prudence! An awesome span of things
    that you have connected up well with revealing & impressive charm & insight. Recommended!

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