If you zoom to 75% and switch to double page view, Black Inc. One nation’s identity, a global politic looks amazing on your ipad, with the bonus of being able to move the page around with your finger.

Ebooks come as pdf files for $9.95 (may take a little while to download)

With your own Ebook version, the author has copyright, but you have the capability to pirate her work as virally as you like. There’s no money in it for anyone, but it’s only right that a book about the colour black should be well read and shared amongst the underground.

The author is chasing the academic community to do something similar for their students, anyway. Lecturers and professors used to do a lot of photocopying back in her day at university, but these days it’s much more sustainable to load it somewhere like the university library, for any student to see and copy.

The better shared, the broader awareness and hopefully greater discussion, by the people who count most, of the cultural politics of black’s cultural significance for New Zealand and the world.


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